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PlumWare framework enables configuration based application development. Which means, there is little or no coding required. The entire configuration is done through easy to use GUI as the application is being developed in collaboration with business users.

(Module Rights, Roles, And Users): PlumWare offers an Enterprise-grade Role-based security to control the access rights of users while working with data and modules. The Role-based security includes Profiles, Roles, Data Sharing Rules, and Field-level security.

PlumWare Dashboards provide a real-time snapshot of your application’s key metrics. These dashboards are highly configurable Dashboards that give you an overview on how your KPIs are performing by displaying summaries of different reports as widgets on a single page. By using dashboards you can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in various data sets. You can have multiple dashboards that are tailored for a specific need or for a specific role.

Automatically generate mobile version of the application that is tailored to the mobile form factor with the look and feel of the native applications.

PlumWare provides a built-in document management capability that focuses on the storage and organization of documents to support active work in progress, including content creation and sharing within an organization. PlumWare provides a broad set of document management capabilities that enable you to organize and manage documents, ensure consistent business process and protect from unauthorized access.

PlumWare Workflow Management empowers you to automate your sales, marketing, support processes. Customer records are assigned or transferred from one user to another for action, according to a set of predefined rules. The key benefits of Workflow management are improved efficiency by eliminating many unnecessary steps in updating records, better process control by improved business process through standardizing working methods and reduced operating costs.

PlumWare built-in Report Writer is a very powerful module that makes it easy to create canned reports or custom reports on the fly. It provides the flexibility to create custom reports with simple drag and drop option for grouping and sub-grouping information and for generating drill-down charts that provide users insights needed to effectively manage the business.

PlumWare provides powerful auto application documentation and user documentation that is derived directly from the configuration. As such, the documentation is always current and requires no additional effort from the development team.

PlumWare supports importing and exporting data into and out of the applications built using the framework. All the reports and data can be exported in multiple formats commonly used in business context (Excel, CVS, Text etc.). In addition data feeds can be enabled to provide user notification on changes or at regular intervals

PlumWare provides power and easy to easy communication tools within the application either to notify of updates or track information. All communications are recorded and available for review or future reference.

Traditional ASP.NET or JAVA applications require software installation and maintenance. With cloud computing, developers need only an Internet connection to create product, because the source code is stored directly on the cloud.
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PlumWare provides a common platform on which multiple applications can be built, integrated and deployed seamlessly. Integrating these diverse solutions on single platform is a breeze.

Custom applications can be developed and deployed 5x-10x times faster than traditional application development. Faster, more nimble development is possible because PlumWare platform requires minimal coding. A lot of the application is developed with clicks not code and because there are so many prebuilt application development services, development goes a lot faster. A developer can assemble his apps in building-block fashion using visual tools, existing data structures, and a library of components.

Running on-premise applications has always been complex, expensive, and slow. Each application hosted by an enterprise requires the purchase and maintenance of the requisite hardware, operating systems, databases, middleware, Web servers, and other related software. With PlumWare cloud development platform, this entire stack is provided for you without the hassle of maintenance.

Users of the custom applications built on the PlumWare platform reduced Annual Downtime significantly (by more than 90%), freeing the IT teams to focus on adding more innovative solutions to enable business to do more.

With the pace of technology change it is nearly impossible for internal application development efforts to keep up with changes in the tech landscape. When you build applications on the PlumWare platform they are automatically upgraded with the platform. This means the core features of your application will continue to evolve, with no development effort at all.

PlumWare is designed and built ground up keeping the needs of current generation of use, built-in enterprise social collaboration tools to enable FaceBook and LinkedIn style feeds, conversation, updates and file sharing that enhances the productivity many folds. Platform automatically generates mobile version of the product without having to redevelop, enabling users any time and anywhere access of information to get their work done on the go.

Inevitably, changing business requirements require changes to be made to enterprise applications. This need for modifications typically kicks off another lengthy development, testing, and re-deployment cycle. The PlumWare platform fills in all these gaps and allows firms to benefit from faster re-deployment. Companies have adopted cloud solutions like PlumWare in large part because of its ease of use, scalability, reliability, and on-going upgrades.

PlumWare provides extremely powerful and flexible security architecture. It features a multi-layered security approach to protect key information from not only external sources, but also from wrongful internal access.

PlumWare can be easily integrated with other leading technologies both on-premise and web applications by exposing a custom functions through web services.

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