“Who says software teams and vendors are slow, unsympathetic and unresponsive? Plum ERP and the experienced team working behind it surely turn the tables around. We are delighted with the product capabilities of Plum’s ERP deployment and the services that were rendered by the Plumsoft team. We are extremely happy and we are now able to monitor all pertinent data regarding Product, Sales, Purchase & Inventory of our two units.”

Amarpal Gampa, Managing Partner,
Transcon Industries Ltd.

“I express my sincere appreciation on the product and good services being rendered to us by Plumsoft.

The application Plumsoft developed for us was tremendously useful in automating the business processes of Aster Building Solutions. Our company is live on PLUM ERP system from July 2010 onwards. We plugged our Finance & Accounts, Sales & Marketing, Purchase Management, and Production functions successfully.

By using PLUM ERP, our organization saw drastic improvements in productivity of our resources. At all times, we are able to get realistic, real time, relevant, and critical information about our business, on demand”

Amarpal Gampa, Managing Partner
Transcon Industries Ltd.

“We didn’t know we needed it until we had it — such was the extent of utility PlumERP has for our business today. Having successfully implemented PLUMERP in our Organization and our associate concerns, we would further like to spread the ERP in our Quality Control and Production centers. Further, we like to extend the ERP services to our New Company Avanti Thai Aqua Feeds Pvt. Ltd. Valsad, Gujarat.”

P.V. Raj Sekhar, DGM-Finance
Avanti Feeds Limited

“For a large engineering unit like Bharat Dynamics Limited, Speed of implementation and a no-flaws approach to technology deployment is crucial. The capabilities of PlumSoft’s ERP product and the speed with which the solution was provided by the Plum ERP team to meet our functional and technical requirements was impressive. They were understanding, quick, efficient, and they always standby for anytime support. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors. "

Vinod Kumar, Director Finance
Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL)

“It’s rare to find companies that put themselves in the lead, for their clients. I’d like to thank PlumSoft for the effort and dedication that your team has put in to ensure timely implementation of the PlumERP system for our five group companies of JRG group. The team at plumsoft has been able to overcome many technical and functional difficulties at amazing speed, and make the ERP functional in a very short period of time — all of that when time really means money for us.
Putting where their heart is, PlumSoft’s Plumsoft framework gives them leverage over other similar solutions when it comes to the speed of execution.”

Vinod Kumar, Director Finance
Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL)

“The Plum Framework - aided by super-responsive services from the PlumSoft team — reengineered our processes here at the bank. Given the competition in the Indian Banking sector, we needed an edge. We got more than just an edge; we got a new way to bank. The Plumware cloud development platform enables us to use a “statements submission solution” across more than 2000 branches to submit reports on the fly. The application also facilitates consolidation of statements at Controlling Offices. Eventually, doing our job just got a 100 times easier. The Plum Analytics engine is very powerful and highly flexible in terms of customization.”

K. Ramachandran, Asst. General Manager
Corporation Bank

“The implementation of academic processes for PG and Ph. D. from registrations to submission of their thesis work and workflow based scholarship module has added real value to the e- governance environment of Academic Module. This also has helped in better time management and effective monitoring.”

D. Boolchandani, Associate Dean
Academics (PG), MNIT Jaipur

“Finance and accounting module has made our multi activities of finance, research and development, grants management, students fee and scholarships simplified and effective.”

Deepak Maheswari, Team Leader,
Finance and Accounting Module, MNIT Jaipur

“Malaviya National Institute of Technology has initiated the E-Governance System in a Mission mode. The institute has started with academic and a few administrative process on-line in real time basis. The modules implemented so far have helped in making the system more effective. It has brought greater transparency and accountability in the system.”

I K Bhat, Director,
MNIT Jaipur

“The way our organisation works today is now changed completely, thanks to PlumERP and the capable, experienced, and pro-customer team capabilities while - and after - implementing the ERP software at our Organization. We have been using PlumERP for more than two years now, and that decision now reaps us benefits ad infinitum. Plum ERP and the team behind it constantly exceed our expectations.”

Srinivas Reddy Inturi, General Manager-Accounts
International Drugs Discovery & Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd.

“I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the timely delivery of PlumERP system for our company JRG Securities. We appreciate your team’s efforts in ensuring a smooth and effective delivery that’s all set to change the way we do business and use technology.

I should mention that we, at JRG Securities, team are impressed with the knowledge, technical capability, team work, business ethics, and commendable professionalism displayed by your team during every phase of the project.”

M.Shyam Sunder, Vice President IT,
JRG Securities Limited.

“Going for ERP looked like a daunting task when we first considered it. Not any more. PlumSoft, with years of collective experience behind it, made sure that its flagship product PlumERP to work for our organisation. It’s extremely useful and very user friendly. Our staff took to it in no time. The system also generates relevant reports for TDS filings, filing of service tax returns, etc. The dashboards and analytics are very handy on the management front to analyze the data and to take informed decisions.”

Rashmi E, Asst. Vice President Accounts,
JRG Wealth Management Ltd., Kochi

“We are lucky to have an effective integrated Academic Module, commencing from Registration to Grade sheet/Transcript generation and other related activities. This has improved our operational effectiveness and efficiency tremendously. I acknowledge the support and involvement shown by our staff members in implementing the module in a very short time. The commitment shown by TEAM PLUMSOFT in making this happen is commendable”

Lava Bhargava, Team Leader,
Academic Module and Associate Dean academics (UG), MNIT Jaipur

“Technology doesn’t have to be intimidated; or so I learnt when I finally dealt with PlumSoft and PlumERP — their flagship product. I really apprecaite the flexibility of the product, it’s easy-to-use user interface, and the powerful reporting engine. Moreover, PlumERP - being a cloud solution -enabled us to operate from our various offices without any additional overheads. After using the product over 2 years now, we’d like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the product, and the encouragingly customer-friendly services by Plumsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”

Bhanu Prakash,
Laxai-Avanti Life Sciences

“I am glad that MNIT Jaipur is able to implement the integrated E-governance for its academic and administrative processes in record time, this has helped us in bringing greater speed and effectiveness in decision making, besides the obvious advantage of Transparency”

Manish Jindal, Registrar,
MNIT Jaipur

“We have been using Plum ERP developed by Wissen Software Pvt. Ltd/ PlumSoft., from Oct 2007 for our Finance, Purchase, Sales and Inventory management at our factory and Corporate Office.When we first purchased we didn’t really know how it transforms our business. Today, however, is another story. We depend on PlumERP for our business and we can’t fathom how our business would function without it.
We appreciate what the PlumERP application does for us and our business. PlumSoft’s team is outstanding. We’d like to wish the able team at Plumsoft all the best in the future.”

Oyster Medisafe Ltd.

“After using the cloud based PlumERP for over 2 years, we are overwhelmed by what technology can do for our business. We wish to thank PlumSoft and the able team working for the company to have helped us shape our business and ready it for the future.”

Rajesh, Director
PBL Transport Corporation

“We have the satisfaction of having been able to steer the e-governance mission with the support and involvement of all who matter in the functioning of the Institute. We thank the almighty with her divine grace we have been able to pull through the thick and thin. The professional competence and commitment shown by the service provider during this period is also worth praising..”

S. D. Bharti, Convener,
E-governance mission, MNIT Jaipur.

“For a large organization like us, speed of implementation is crucial. We had our doubts, of course. But PlumSoft broke down the barrier. Their Plumware Framework proved very handy and fast in customization. The flexibility and the speed with which the application was customized and implemented was amazing. The application went live in a matter of 40 days. Kudos to PlumSoft team and a big thanks from us at Reliance Media World”

Sunando Roy, Financial Controller,
Reliance Media World

“We have been using PlumERP developed by Plumsoft from April 2012 for our Finance, Purchase, Sales and Inventory Management. Two of our factories, 11 branch offices, and at our Corporate Office depend on it for everyday business.
We are impressed by the way Plumsoft executes its work in short span of time. No delays, no hassles, no phase-wise implementation, no extra costs. Further, we appreciate the sincerity of Plumsoft while working with us and now that the success of the project is a reality, we wish them good luck”

Dhananjay Tekmalker, Asst. GM -Finance & Administration
Toshali Cements Pvt. Ltd

“The online integrated application offered by PlumSoft has given our business an edge. We are able to easily monitor the business processes across our various companies making it extremely convenient for us to stay informed. This is crucial in our line of business to take pivotal decisions. With PlumERP automation solution, we are today able to easily process critical data almost instantly.”

Business Head,
JRG Securities Ltd

“PlumERP has helped us in automating our everyday activities with much ease. The automation not just helped in simplifying daily tasks but also improved overall efficiency and productivity. PlumERP has helped us in optimum utilization of our available resources by applying them to more productive tasks while the mundane activities were automated by Plum e-Governance.

- Lava Bhargava, Team Leader, Academic Module and Associate Dean academics (UG),Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur”

JRG Securities Ltd

“Plum ERP solution has helped us in bringing in efficiency to the highly unorganized poultry industry. This solution has helped us in streamlining our business operations and ensuring increased productivity.”

Production Manager, Head office,
SM Feeds& Farms (India)

“Thanks to the PlumWare application, we have found a lot of ease in conducting the background verification process with accuracy. It is not just the accuracy that is impressive, the application also reduces the time spent and this means we can use our resources more productively. Various government organizations rely on us for the information we provide for their prospective candidates. PlumWare has helped us in maintaining this data with utmost security.”

Commissioner of Police,
Telangana State Police

“Providing technical support services and IT consulting has always been our niche. We face different challenges when dealing with our varied customers for which we need several customizable solutions. Plum ERP solution effectively helped us in offering the right technical support to one of our premium clients.”


“We have been in the business of providing high quality industrial process control instruments. Our products have always been regarded as a safer choice by many industrial units. Plum ERP solution further made our products trustworthy and dependable.”

Manager IT,
Ace Instruments Pvt. Ltd

“PlumWare application solution improved efficiency of the background verification process immensely. As the time spent for the process considerably declines, our available resources could be engaged to other tasks. This improved the overall productivity of our staff. The application provided discreet access to strategic information making it easier for our officials to scrutinize the data effectively and perform our jobs with utmost security.”

IT Services In-charge
Andhra Pradesh State Police

“We are very satisfied with the PlumERP solution. Our business needed efficient management of our resources and this has been made simple and convenient with the online ERP solution.
Quick access to our customer’s needs helped us reach out to them with the right service. This is again because of handling customer information accurately using the PlumERP.”

Rajesh, Director
PBL Transport Ltd

“Plum ERP solution has helped us in effectively managing our over 70 vessels across our various branches. The reminder system particularly needs a mention as we get reminders for specific critical operations that help us take timely decisions.We sincerely appreciate the technical support offered by PlumSoft Solutions.”

Ramakrishna, CFO
Ocean Sparkle Ltd

“PlumERP solution effectively integrated all business operations, considerably reducing the amount of time needed to perform essential business functions. Data collection and consolidation became quick and accurate. We appreciate the quick implementation process and the professionalism shown by the team at PlumSoft.”

Business Head
Thomson Press